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The Power of Print and Editorial Design

The death of print, much like the end of various other formats and industries before it, has been predicted multiple times but has not yet arrived. Digital media is a part of all our lives now, and while the instantaneous nature of online news means it is slowly replacing newspapers, print remains a strong format for more thoughtful content. Brochures, magazines, and other publications can still capture attention in ways other media can’t. While an online presence on multiple platforms is now undoubtedly a necessity, the low barrier to entry means that you are constantly fighting for eyeballs and in constant danger of being scrolled past and overlooked. But print offers opportunities to captivate in ways digital can’t.


Grabbing attention

We’re bombarded by all kinds of advertising and content almost every second of our lives online, so much so that we’ve become adept at filtering out most of it – but a beautifully designed, striking piece of print can grab attention in ways that digital is rarely able to. The tangible, tactile qualities of a physical product offer a feeling of value and gravitas, invoking an emotional response, giving your audience something they will remember and perhaps even treasure. These effects can be enhanced further with the use of special print techniques – spot colours or finishes, die cutting or embossing, or even completely unique and inventive formats. With print you can craft something truly memorable that makes an impact on your audience.


Creating engaging relationships

Print offers a far more long-lasting, engaging, and immersive experience than online content – a quality piece of print reaches customers at a deeper level, functioning as a window into a curated world that readers can sink into. The lifespan of digital content can be measured in milliseconds, but print done right is something your customers will spend hours with and return to again and again. Most people don’t want to read long articles on their screens, and print offers a way to enjoy longer form content. Paper doesn’t tire your eyes like screens do; you don’t have to constantly scroll and tap away popups to read a magazine, all you have to do is turn the page. All this makes print the perfect way to reach your customer base, build a relationship with them, and communicate a focused message.


Building credibility

There’s a good reason why many brands that build their core business around print, or make extensive use of print, have trusted reputations. Anyone can post almost anything they like online, which makes cutting through the noise difficult for two reasons – first of all, the sheer volume of content makes being seen difficult, but secondly the amount of low quality content online can devalue the medium as a whole, making people suspicious of what they see and read. Putting something in print requires more thought, planning, and work, and as a result, psychologically, information in print holds more weight, and a well-crafted publication can help to earn customer trust. With a solid strategy and appropriate design, it can play a huge role in positioning and establishing your brand as an industry leader, synonymous with expertise and knowledge in your field.

Print may not stand alone as the sole medium in today’s digital age, but when integrated thoughtfully into your brand’s communication strategy, it holds immense value. Excellently executed print materials can substantially enrich your branding efforts, offering a tangible, engaging experience that digital formats struggle to match. This unique ability to connect with audiences on a sensory and emotional level means that, when done well, print can significantly enhance the perceived value and authenticity of your brand—making it a priceless asset in your overall marketing arsenal.

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