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The Digital Marketing Word Forum is the Definitive Event for Marketing Professionals and the Future of Marketing Tech. When DMWF extended an invitation to attend as their guest, it presented an ideal opportunity for Aimee, our Marketing Manager, to immerse herself in the latest trends and innovations the conference has to offer. Positioned at the forefront of the marketing landscape, the DMWF conference in London provided a dynamic platform for exploring cutting-edge strategies, tools, and insights critical for shaping the future of our marketing endeavours. Join us as we dive into the highlights and key takeaways from Aimee’s experience at this definitive event.

Day 1

Walking into a big exhibition space with lots of businesses vying for your attention is daunting, yet only a few stood out among the crowd with some fun marketing ideas!

  • Food & Beverage – Some stands cottoned on to how easy it is to pull people in through the power of a free iced coffee (Dash Hudson)! Two other companies provided ice cream (Brandwatch) and a waffle cart (Quantcast) which was definitely the most popular by the looks of the queue!
  • Active Campaign had a ball grabber! That’s right, one of those giant machines you get inside and grab the coloured balls flying around your head!
  • Yasna had a team that took your photo and turned it into an AI version of you!

What can we take away from this? Remember to have fun within your marketing techniques, thinking outside the box of branded pens and tote bags landed these businesses with their name engraved into the minds of over 2700 marketers!


Rufus Bazley, B2B Marketing Director for Unidays, gave a fascinating talk on ‘Marketing Insights into Gen Z and Millennial consumers’. He spoke about the unfair bias that Gen Z isn’t loyal to brands, explaining that they aren’t dis-loyal – they just haven’t figured out what they like yet. He advises businesses to ‘Build your products and services into their routines and you’ll reap the reward of lifetime value’.

Did you know? Unidays provides all of their data on their corporate website with valuable quarterly reports for free. Click here to see more. 


Metricool provided workbooks during their talk on ‘Mastering Micro Video for Social Media Success’ which was by far the most valuable asset that was given out at the talk! In the Q&A, when asked where the best place to start is, they gave the advice to ‘Just start posting’, as you’ll then be able to determine what’s working and what’s not! 

Did you know? Metricool has free resources on their website, at the talk they gave us and their slides.

But they have more over on the own website.

Panel – How will social media evolve in 2024 and beyond

Finally, to end the first day at the DMWF’s Social Media and Community Marketing stage they held a panel on ‘How will social media evolve in 2024 and beyond’. This topic is super fascinating as social media has already changed so much in the last 10 years and was hosted by some really cool speakers from Liam Lodge (Expedia Group), Roberta Cianetti, Cat Anderson (Sprout Social), to Maddalena Bogazzi (Zenith – Publicis Media). The panel proved to be an insightful exploration into the evolving landscape of social media, reflecting on its changes and projecting its future trajectories. Looking ahead to 2024, Liam voiced a transformative vision for brands on social media: shifting from interrupting what we love to becoming what we love. This forward-thinking approach suggests a significant shift towards more integrated, value-adding brand interactions that resonate more deeply with users.

Day 2


Uber kicked off the day with a talk on ‘Unlocking Moment-Based Magic – driving deeper engagement through contextual journeys’ on the Mobile Marketing and Advertising stage. Their talk was all about how fine tuned advertisements through their app are. If you’re heading to the airport, they offer you duty free advertising! Whilst if you are heading to a sporting event, then you will be shown food and beverage ads for companies that you can purchase whilst there. By tailoring advertisements to match the specific scenarios and destinations of users, Uber not only increases the chances of ad interaction but also boosts user satisfaction by providing useful, timely information.

Panel – How to utilise AI in your marketing strategy

My first panel of Day 2 was ‘how to utilise AI in your marketing strategy’. Asavari Moon from Future Female Marketers gave a fantastic statistic that “90% of content online will be AI generated by 2030” which reiterates the need to start using AI in your everyday marketing to do lists. Jimmy Newson of Jimmy Newson Consulting addressed the use of AI in generating articles, emphasising that the goal isn’t simply to save time. He explained that marketers should still dedicate the same amount of effort to their tasks, but with AI, they begin with a higher quality base. This allows them to enhance their work from a stronger starting point rather than just speeding through the process.

AI Storytelling

Elliot Raynor from OWOW gave a presentation on ‘AI Powered Storytelling’, here are 3 takeaways on why you should use storytelling in your ads: 

  • Consumers are 20x more likely to recall info when delivered as a story
  • 92% of users prefer ads delivered as a story 
  • The brain processes visuals faster than words 

Nespresso – Listening to Feedback

Finally, one of my last stops of the day was listening to Nespresso talk about removing customers’ obstacles by listening to feedback. They detailed their proactive approach to continuously improving user experience, illustrating how they transform customer insights into actionable solutions. By focusing on the pain points revealed through direct feedback, Nespresso effectively streamlines processes and enhances satisfaction, ensuring that every customer interaction is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. This commitment to listening strengthens relationships with their customers.

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