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About us

DayOne is a multi-award winning graphic design studio based in Kent, England.

We partner with marketing teams to create beautiful and meaningful creative work. By the way, we don’t use the term ‘partners’ casually; we truly believe that our finest work is the result of long-term collaboration with you and your marketing team.

The journey and destination

It’s quite simple really, we love producing excellent design work which keeps clients smiling, and their audiences listening.

For over 10 years Anthony, our founder, has been on a mission to build a design studio which simply made the experience of producing meaningful marketing communications, as painless as possible.

And so, DayOne was born with the idea that while marketing communication can be full of challenges, working with your design agency should never be one of them.

Through transparent communication, fair and predictable pricing, optimised workflows, on-time delivery and an exceptionally high standard of design work, DayOne is the creative agency of choice for those who want maximum value and minimal stress.

Meet the team

The DayOne team comprises an abundance of exceptionally talented designers and all-around remarkable individuals.


Founder & Creative Director




Senior Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Project & Marketing Manager


Finance Manager

Our Planet

We embrace our environmental responsibility by committing to perpetual carbon offsetting and actively supporting impactful global initiatives through global climate solutions partner, Ecologi.

Our Client Experience

Our work spans a range of sectors and disciplines and we bring this widespread experience to the table with every project

How do we work?

We believe in a collaborative and transparent approach to every creative project we undertake. We follow a well-defined process that ensures smooth communication, efficient workflow, and exceptional results.


Through in-depth research and comprehensive discussions, we gain a deep understanding of your brand, goals, and target audience.


We meticulously refine the chosen design concept, incorporating feedback and making adjustments until it perfectly aligns with your vision.


Our team of skilled designers brainstorm, sketch, and explore various design directions to create compelling concepts.


With the finalised design in hand, we deliver exceptional and high-quality creative assets that effectively communicate your brand’s message.

Throughout our journey, we have gratefully received recognition through local and national awards for our business and creative work.

These accolades serve as a reassurance for our clients, showcasing our commitment to delivering outstanding design solutions and highlighting the industry recognition we have received.

By partnering with an award-winning agency, clients can expect innovative and exceptional creative work that sets them apart from their competitors, helping them achieve their business goals with confidence.

Best Creative Marketing Campaign
Business Awards UK
Exporter of the Year
Most Promising New Business
Kent Invicta Chamber Awards
Creative/Digital Agency of the Year
Canterbury Business Awards