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DayOne Design Studio is proud to be sponsoring Sam Franks, aged 19, on his Marine Conservation and PADI Dive Master internship in Fiji by donating his underwater camera equipment. 

This is the 2nd blog post in the Fiji series.

Bula! (That’s Fijian for Hello). I’ve been on Caqalai for a couple of weeks now and have really got into the swing of things. The first day I arrived, I met up with a few of my new pals, and all of us, feeling exhausted but unable to sleep, spent the day on the 10th best beach in the world!

It’s amazing here, the people are so amazing too! I’m having the best time ever here! Fiji is the best place in the world!

The sea and marine life here is also amazing. You can see from this batch of photos that the corals are quite varied and beautiful, and teaming with fish. As a Marine Conservation intern, I’ve been learning how to identify the growth forms of the soft coral because we need to be able to survey everywhere accurately. Surveying is extremely detailed. We lay out long tape measures under water, and count and record every species we see every 2 metres.

The food is surprisingly good! I was warned before I came that our diet would be mostly vegetarian, and it is! We have three good meals a day and take it in turns to cook for all 40 of us. Lentil burgers and veggie curries are my favourites so far.

That’s me second from the right. Luckily one of the staff members here is a professional photographer so I’m learning loads about how to use the camera properly. 

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Fiji dive team
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The sea and marine life here is amazing.