Taste for Tea.
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The Brief.

Taste for Tea offers tea enthusiasts the chance to 'discover the craft of true tea'. The team at DayOne was delighted to be commissioned to work alongside passionate tea entrepreneur, Francesco, to create a niche new brand that would reach his audience via a whole host of literature, packaging and labelling for his exciting new business.


Our Solution.
With every project we start by getting a thorough understanding of the uniqueness of the product. The strength of this product in particular is was it’s its high quality, achieved by giving attention to every detail of its production, from its original source (right down to the name of the farmer who picked it), to its eventual tasting notes and lasting emotional experience.We agreed with Francesco that his product required an organic feel, such that his potential customers would recognise that this was a tea experience born out of his own passion for tea and its origins. We applied earthy textures along with a colourful but measured colour palette, to ensure that the product undoubtedly communicated the promise of delight and purity of this tea experience.







Brand Identity, Packaging, Brochure Design

Logo Design
Packaging Design