Munch Cats Digital Campaign.
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The Brief.

To support the launch of the Munch Cats magazine, a simple website was required to offer information about the magazine, free downloads and to take subscriptions and back issue orders. Following the launch of the site we were then required to create a cost-effective digital display-advertising campaign to support the magazine, plus supply regular instagram posts.

Our Solution.

A light site was created and designed to generate interest and take orders, but needed to be cute and on-brand. We are currently running a display-advertising campaign online which is reaching hundreds of thousands of people daily at a very small cost.

All instagram posts are created and posted by our in-house team.






Website design, Google ads, Instagram posts

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Of course it would be fine to take any quotes you’d like we’ve been repping munch cats to everyone we know. Most children go straight for the magazines with toys and unfortunately ‘tacky’ free gifts ... munch cats is just above and beyond all of these... the quality is exceptional and all the craft activities, stickers and cute origami makes our month! Izzy will be getting a subscription for her bday in June off her auntie gabby (a fellow crazy cat lady) we cannot wait :) our local Waitrose will be having a visitor before school Friday so she can show and tell! Keep up making the cutest mag EVVVVVERRRR!!!

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