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Vespa’s first self-published magazine title, Munch Cats is a cute new brand with an on-trend kawaii influence. This new activity comic for 6–10 year olds features a family of food-loving Munch Cats who live in Munch Land – a beautiful fantasy world of lost balloons and rainbow bridges in the sky. It is reached by flying on the backs of Munch Cat friends – the Hoober Owls. However, as in most worlds, danger is never far away – Ghurk the cucumber is on a mission to regain control of the Munch Land throne, and disturb the tranquil existence of the Munch Cats.

Munch Cats magazine is packed with stories, activities, puzzles, crafts, colour-ins, recipes, plus loads more fun stuff – for anyone who loves all things ‘cats’!

And… there’s no plastic attached to the cover, so it’s kind to the oceans, and… it’s working with International Cat Care – a charity that helps look after cats!

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Ocean friendly children's magazine
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It’s wonderful that the magazine doesn’t come with any plastic tat! I’m thrilled and my kids are really enjoying issue 2, thank you!

Elizabeth ThomsonValued Customer