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The Brief.

As a trusted partner of Kent County Council we have been asked to work on a number of varied projects. The Kent and Medway Growth and Infrastructure Framework brochure required a distinct feel, yet needed to conform to a familiar set of Council brand guidelines, and appeal to a wide demographic of readers. The Innovative Sector Exchange Project brochure continued the legacy of the KCC, EU-funded project to provide a range of support services to help SMEs in several priority sectors to innovate and internationalise in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The ISE brochure also needed a distinct feel, but particularly required an organised layout to allow easy access of relevant information to each of the different sectors involved. It was also necessary to consider ways in which the copy could be structured and formatted so as to be inviting and engaging.

Our Solution.
Both brochures followed our standard design process. This involved providing a set of differing conceptual ideas to KCC for consideration. Once a preferred option had been chosen for development, the design was progressed into a full document. Both projects resulted in a final design that was accessible to a varied readership while maintaining an aesthetic that was easy to browse and navigate, relevant to the subject matter, and adhered to brand guidelines. Creative use of imagery, photography, infographics and colour coding was employed as required to provide an engaging read. Both brochures were received with high praise and our designs have since been extended to a number of support documents. The ISE Project brochure has been produced in three different languages.






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