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The Brief.

Privately owned, John F Hunt is a group of construction related companies providing specialist industry linked services. The John F Hunt Remediation division is responsible for the decontamination of land and water, returning brownfield and industrial usage sites into profitable regeneration assets.

The tendering process is one of the most important processes conducted within the John F Hunt organization. It is through this process that the company demonstrates its suitability for any given project compared to its competitors. Therefore, the content of the tender document is key to success of the business.

Managing Director Ben Williams approached DayOne Design having recognized that while their tender documents were winning many successful bids, in an increasingly competitive arena they needed to stand out and work even harder to secure the company’s success rate and growth. In addition to ‘essential’ criteria, the document needed to contain the WOW factor – the one thing that would push JFH into the winning position. Ben considered that this WOW factor could be provided by a new, contemporary design that would grab attention and fully engage the decision makers involved in new projects.

Our Solution.

The team at DayOne and JFH spent considerable time discussing the remediation business and requirements of the tender documents. Careful consideration was given to colour, layout, typography and imagery. The editorial team were close at hand to offer advice on spelling, grammar, and to fulfill any copywriting and proofreading requirements. Our experience of production also allowed us to offer valuable advice on creating templates, and the printing and finishing of the final document.

However beautiful and expertly designed the documents, we also fully understand that deadlines are key, and that all the hard work will be worthless if the tenders are submitted late. As part of a magazine publishing company, DayOne are well-practised in the art of scheduling and keeping deadlines in sight. We have the resources in place to turn around documents in record time when required – the ideal schedule in the world of tenders and bids is seldom a reality.

The design of the templates created for tender documents will now also serve as a basis for the delivery of a consistent brand identity across future print and digital platforms. This will be particularly important for the planning of a digital marketing strategy across all social media.  






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