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The Brief.

We've been a creative partner to Breakthrough Magazine for several issue releases, and continue to enjoy building on the success of this B2B title.The main objective of the magazine is to highlight the unsung heroes of the manufacturing and engineering world; the engineers and business owners who are transforming industries with innovative new products and processes. The magazine therefore targets innovative business owners, offering to help them gain funding and telling their story to the rest of the world through the both the magazine and supporting radio programme. The design of the magazine therefore needs to communicate those same powerful messages of new technical design and innovation.

Our Solution.
With the blessing of the wonderful team at Breakthrough, we were thrilled to be able to start with a blank canvas, and reconstructed the magazine from scratch. We recommended an image led style, with large photographs spanning the page. Breaking with tradition, we also implemented diagonal grids to give the perception of movement, while still being delicate in our use of typography, and ensuring the text on all pages was well spaced, fluid, and easy to read. 


Innovation, Engineering




Magazine Design, Identity Design

 image led style and innovation