Year in Review // 2018.
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DayOne/Vespa office

Well, there you have it… we draw a close on 2018 here in Canterbury on what was an extraordinary year for DayOne Design Studio.

Having started the year with just five of us, we’ve now doubled in size, in more ways than one! Early this year we welcomed James (editorial expert and saxophone maestro) and Daisy (exceptionally talented designer with her finger firmly on the pulse); both have proved wonderful additions to our creative team! As we expanded, we also had to say some goodbyes though. We soon outgrew our first home at the Innovation Centre, so were thrilled to settle into our new home right in the heart of Canterbury High Street, a studio we’ve continued to grow in. It will also be a temporary farewell as we wish Lucy, our Junior Designer, a pleasant maternity leave. We wish her all the very best and look forward to keeping up to date with her new baby news!

Being in the City centre has brought us closer to the business community in Canterbury, and we’ve enjoyed meeting business owners and like-minded creatives in the process. Our expansion has also allowed us to take on projects of a far larger scale, and we’ve been delighted to welcome Disney Inc. and Shepherd Neame to our growing list of clients.

In addition to traditional graphic design, we’re also now able to offer marketing support, web development, digital design, illustration, photography and content writing, to name a few. We’re extremely proud of our talented and multidisciplinary studio!

The latter part of 2018 saw the launch of our very own children’s magazine Munch Cats, which was produced to promote traditional and ethical play values back into the kid’s magazine market. The activity comic has been proceeded sustainably, contains no plastic, and is full of paper-based crafts and stimulating stories and puzzles. Since its launch back in November, we’ve been hard at work producing the second and third issues, which we’re delighted to announce will now be found in supermarkets up and down the country from today and on an ongoing monthly basis!

Outside of the studio we’ve taken a keen interest in marine conservation and have had the pleasure of following and supporting Sam, a student from Whitstable who has been working in Fiji with Global Vision International Charitable Trust and the Fijian villagers of Moturiki whose livelihood depends greatly on fishing. Amongst other activities, Sam has been helping to assess the impact of fishing on the reefs, surveying 28 sites around the island to build a database and look for patterns regarding the different species of corals and fish commonly found together and how the reef changes throughout the different sites. He is also working his way towards gaining his PADI Dive Master certificate. If you’d like to find out more about Sam’s fascinating experience visit our write up here.

So, what for 2019? Well, plenty! In March our creative director Anthony is due to address the students at the University for the Creative Arts, a university that he himself is alumni of. We’ve got at least another 12 issues of our self-published magazine Munch Cats to produce, new team members to welcome and plenty more creative solutions to dream up!

All that’s left to say is thank you all for being a part of this wonderful adventure, and we look forward to our continued partnerships into 2019 and beyond.

Happy New Year.

The DayOne team