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DayOne Design Studio is proud to be sponsoring Sam Franks, aged 19, on his Marine Conservation and PADI Dive Master internship in Fiji by donating his underwater camera equipment.

This is the 3rd blog post in the Fiji series.

Everyday life on Caqalai and the most amazing experience of my life…

We work very hard here Monday to Friday, surveying the reefs. The data we collect is valuable to the local islanders as fishing is essential for their livelihoods, and measuring its impact provides important information about how to ensure their methods exert minimum impact on the underwater ecosystem and that they are sustainable. This is an issue most Fijians care deeply about. We have spent time with some of the Fijian villagers, learning about their customs and lifestyles, and they are grateful for the work we are doing here.

We are also helping them with another project. One of the villages closest to us has the opportunity to have mains water installed. However, the installation has to be done by hand, which involves a lot of digging. We are helping with that, and we also have a sponsored swim planned to help raise money for this project. I’m really looking forward to that. Any sponsorship is most welcome!!

The result of all this work means that at the weekends, we can enjoy our rest time. There isn’t a great deal to do on Caqalai, but we have developed such a close-knit community of friends that we are having the most amazing time. Cooking, games and a camp fire are really all we need!

However, my dream is to dive with sharks, and last weekend I was invited to go on a trip to a dive site that is famous for its sharks. Needless to say – I had my wetsuit at the ready…

The trip was amazing! I managed to take some photos of the sharks, which isn’t always easy. Here they are:

The largest looking ones that are pure grey are bull sharks, then the ones that have a black splodge on their dorsal fins are black tip reef sharks :) some of the smaller more plain ones are grey reef sharks, and i also saw some white tip reef sharks, which I’ll show you photos of soon :) it really was the best dive of my life.

The larger bull sharks were up to nearly 4m long, and the smaller white/blacktip reef sharks were up to 2m long, so pretty impressive.

Bull shark in Fiji
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The sea and marine life here is amazing.