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DayOne Design Studio is proud to be sponsoring Sam Franks, aged 19, on his Marine Conservation and PADI Dive Master internship in Fiji by donating his underwater camera equipment.

This is the 4th blog post in the Fiji series.

The food is pretty basic; rice, lentils or pasta based and then we have veg like aubergine, pumpkin, tomato, potato and carrots, with lots of herbs and spices which we can use in any combination, so some dishes are quite inventive. Sometimes the Fijians cook for us, and one thing they make is called rhorho, which is similar to spinach and it tastes amazing. They also have cassava which is very similar to a potato.

Once or twice a week we have beach cleans where a group of five walk the whole way around the island and pick up everything we find. This is recorded and sent to the government. We also have Dive/Snorkel Against Debris ( ) which is a scheme run by PADI where we clean up rubbish underwater.

I’ve discovered just how much plastic rubbish there is in the oceans. I’ll never have a drink with a plastic straw in it again. 

Top 10 trash items found in the ocean

There are quite a few Fijians that work with us on base who are from various villages on Moturiki, such as boat captains, and on weekends we can go and spend the weekend with them and live like a Fijian, which basically means eat good food and drink kava. I haven't done this yet as there's a long que of people leaving soon who wish to do it. And they are the kindest, most wholesome people in the world, not a bad word to say about them. My mentor for the intern program is a Fijian man named Tai, and I’m learning so much from him, it's really great.

Fiji boat captain
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The boat captain is a kid!