How a simple design approach, took a new business idea to global success.
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Fancy reading a story about two guys ready for a big career change in the middle of Brexit and at the start of a pandemic? Read on – this one does have a happy ending!

In Spring 2019, James and Liam approached me with a new business idea. Their plan was to fulfil a long-standing ambition to build their own ecommerce company.

James had been commuting into London for 20 years. His journey time was 2 hours door-to-door each way, and he had a family who he rarely got to see before bedtime. He had held senior positions as Marketing Director and CEO at two large organisations, but, after a company restructure, found himself at a crossroads in his career.

Liam had been running an ecommerce website and social platform for a large digital business over 10 years and had grown increasingly frustrated as the rigid corporate structure he operated within dismissed many of his creative growth ideas. You know how it is when an organisation gets too big to change and eventually finds its workforce and customer base have left it behind?

Familiar stories?

Read on…

What they wanted

Their mission: to offer quality products with unparalleled customer service to a market where their rivals were notorious for taking their customers for granted.

James and Liam were straight talking. Their requirements were for a brand identity for their premium quality model business that would be very international and easily push up the search engine rankings. They needed a website that could be multi-language, transactional, and host an online community of customers.

They also asked for a design strategy for their social media which was to be their primary advertising mechanism. Both James and Liam were technically skilled in direct-to-consumer marketing and understood the importance of strong and consistent brand design.

For the creatives at DayOne, this was a gift sent from the gods! 

What we did

Six months later, our new client had a name – Agora Models.

We built an honest brand, contemporary identity, user friendly website, standout packaging, PPC and Facebook Ad campaigns, monthly HTML e-newsletters, social media strategy and printed marketing collateral which was built to evoke genuine excitement in the product. A truly full-service package which allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the brand, understand the audience and talk to them in their language.

The Agora Models logo is purely typographic, uncomplicated, contemporary and complemented by a striking colour palette. The blue to purple gradient was chosen to reinforce the message of trust and dependability, the gradient and colours have been used across all marketing and branding collateral to ensure consistency across the brand at every touch point. To read more about the psychology of colour, click here.

The Results

Less than a year later, Agora Models have sales in 35 different countries worldwide, a seven-figure turnover, and have tripled their initial sales target.

The website boasts an average of over 40k visitors a month, 75% of which are unique. The sites success in multiple territories means the we built a language option on the site to accommodate its French, German, American, Australian and Russian visitors. To ensure trust in the brand, and to emphasise James and Liam’s ethos of customer first approach, we created a TrustPilot page which has hundreds of reviews and an Excellent rating of 4.8/5 – something we’re all very proud of.

Only 10 months after their launch, Agora Models have progressed from start-up to rapid growth, partnering Clarkson, Hammond and May owned DRIVETRIBE and planning to be exhibiting nationally at Goodwood Festival of Speed with their iconic 1:8 sports car models as well as internationally. 

Final thoughts

Given complete creative freedom and business owners with a genuine desire to look after their customers allowed the branding process for Agora to be rewarding, meaningful and unique. Seeing a company thrive in what has been an incredibly difficult year has been warming, and it reinforces our belief at DayOne, that understanding of the audience, love for the product and authenticity in the approach and storytelling is a formula which will no doubt end in reward.