Brand vs Branding.
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Before I throw you into the specific elements of branding, I thought It would be a good opportunity to quickly clear up some words which get thrown around a little bit, and have become interchangeable among some designers and marketing departments. It’s actually quite important we understand the difference... So I’m talking about the difference between your brand and brand branding, or your brand identity.

Put simply you brand is your companies personality, it’s how people identify with your business and what they’d say about you if you weren’t in the room Whether you’re trusted, loyal, caring, serious.It’s a thing.

Your branding are the vocal elements which make up the brand, it’s the choices and decisions you make when attempting to define who you’re talking to - it’s the colours the fonts, the logos, graphics, the imagery, the tone of voice. It's an action.

To give you and idea of the importance of branding form the outset;

  • Research conducted by Forbes found that consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by up to 23%.
  • That same study said that 77% of B2B marketing leaders have said that branding has been critical to their growth
  • And the Harvard business review found that over half of consumers,64% cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand

Hence the importance of fully understanding your audience.

So a way which might be helpful to think about it, is meeting a friend or someone new at a party. All the elements which would be defined as your branding would be the decisions that you’ve made before arriving. So the clothes you chose to wear, the hairstyle you got the shoes you wore, how you greeted everyone there. Did you arrive on time?

Whereas your brand ultimately would be defined by how other people perceived you and how your friend introduced you to other people, and what those other people then said about you. So, “he dressed well, looked creative, turned up on time, shook my hand, offered me a drink, seemed like a nice guy”.

Ultimately it is you that gets to write the story of your brand but you’re not the one that gets to tell it, your audience will.

Remember you do get to define your branding though, which done properly will mean that your perception will be a lasting and a positive one, and will have a tremendous impact on your business.