5 Local Breweries DayOne Loves.
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Five Local Breweries DayOne Loves

Here at DayOne Design Studio, we love the occasional beer or two in the pub after a hard day’s work in Canterbury (or from the office fridge when pulling a late one!). And with the number of UK breweries at an 80-year high , there is no shortage of choice by the time we reach the bar.

Living and working in Kent, a.k.a. The Garden of England (one of only 7 counties in England where hops are still grown ), we are lucky enough to be surrounded by small breweries, all offering a range of beers for us to try – in fact there are roughly 40 breweries in Kent alone at the moment.

Here are some of our favourites (in no particular order):

Boutilliers Brewery, Kent

1. Boutilliers

Tucked away behind Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham, Boutilliers was founded in 2016 by three former homebrewers who turned their passion for beer into a full-time and successful operation. These guys are real-life examples of “hey, let’s quit our day jobs and start our brewery instead”.

Why we’re fans: With no core range, you’re guaranteed to get something different and innovative every time!


Mad Cat Brewery, Faversham, Kent

2. Mad Cat

Staying within Faversham, Mad Cat is based on Brogdale farm. Making full use of East Kent Golding Hops – which have been described as the best hop variety in the world – for their regular Crispin Ales, Mad Cat also offers brewing lessons – ideal for a day out or as a gift for that special beer-lover in your life!

Why we’re fans: Mad Cat strikes the perfect balance between a delicious core range of beers and an exciting, ever-changing seasonal range.


Old Dairy Brewery, Tenterden, Kent

3. Old Dairy

Founded in 2010 in Tenterden, these guys make full use of Kent’s rich heritage of hop production by sourcing this key ingredient from Huskins Hop Farm, just down the road.

The name of the beers – for example Red Top, Blue Top and Gold Top, to name but a few – pay homage to the brewing site’s former use as a milking parlour.

Why we’re fans: While the Old Dairy Brewery produces wonderfully traditional ales, it also operates as ‘The Cattle Shed’, producing beers more geared towards the current craft trend.


Time and Tide Brewer, Deal, Kent

4. Time and Tide

We first got to try beers from Deal’s Time and Tide Brewery in the local Tap Room, on Sun Street, which has opened just around the corner from our office. They offer a very wide range of beers in key-keg and cans, from the modest 3.2% ‘Miner Miracle’ IPA to a 10.5% ‘Deep Water’ imperial stout.

Why we’re fans: A pint of Spratwaffler (even the name is amazing) after work is the epitome of refreshment.


Gadd's Ramsgate Ramsgate

5. Gadds’ – The Ramsgate Brewery

Located on the Isle of Thanet, which itself has 7 real-ale breweries listed in the 2019 Good Beer Guide, Gadds’ has a simple ethos: “we’ve been around long enough to know what we’re doing, and not so long as to be old fashioned” – and it’s this balance between tradition and innovation is what makes their beer so good!

Why we’re fans: Consistent and quality beers, you can never go wrong with a pint of Gadds’!


Curious Brewing, Kent

(6. Curious Brewing)

Ok, so we said 5 breweries. We lied. Well, not really. We said five small breweries, and although not technically small (in fact, they’ve just moved to a new site slap bang in the middle of Ashford), the IPA and lager these guys make are just so tasty and refreshing that they have the ability to defy convention. Born out of the Chapel Down vineyard, the brewers use the same Champagne yeast that goes into Chapel Down’s award-winning sparkling wine. The result? A crisp, palette-cleansing thirst-quencher.

Why we’re fans: The ultimate go-to drink for the upcoming beer-garden weather.